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Young girl water painting in the forest

Here are a few of the most popular items enjoyed by our homeschoolers:

excited girl explorer indicating direction

Interesting Facts and Links to Explore

Take in some interesting facts you may not have known and explore more with links that will take you on some wild rabbit trails.

boy explorer pointing the way

Nature & Survival Skill Activities and Games

Stop and have some fun by incorporating games that will nail down the study and skills that have been taught.

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Poetry & Forged Tea Time 

Forage your own tea ingredients, follow the seasonal recipes and enjoy sipping on your foraged tea while reading poetry related to the nature study topic  

boy explorer reading blue book

Nature Journaling

Keeping a journal helps you connect more to nature. A journal should be playful and helpful; a treasure book for exploring your responses to the world.

boy explorer with binoculars

Jr. Photographers

Inspire your children to get outside and capture the world around them with photographs.

girl explorer pointing the way

Nature Study

Dig deep into the wild world around you by studying birds, flowers, minerals, weather, etc. in fun and engaging ways.

excited girl explorer reading a red book


Engage your child in more learning through books that relate to the topic.

excited girl explorer indicating direction


Hands-on experiments help drive home the lessons being taught in nature study.

jar of multicolored marbles


Hands-on crafts that will create a sense of awe in your child’s learning.

The "Why" Behind RWE

Running Wild Explorers came out of a desire to mix nature study and survival skills into one curriculum. We’ve always enjoyed our nature study curriculums but found we were lacking in our knowledge of outdoor survival skills. So, I decided to do something about it.

I began researching and developing this curriculum for our family and others like you that might be searching for the same thing.

RWE is a complete 2-year curriculum designed to engage children in the great outdoors. They will learn about the nature around them and develop the lost art of survival skills.

Children will have a chance to earn buttons for each survival skill they have learned.

Running Wild Explorers contains:

1. Nature Study for 2-years (1 nature subject a month organized by seasons)

2. Survival Skills for 2-years (1 skill a month)

3. Take It As You Wish (take some, leave some) This can be revisited time and time again because of the amount of activities that can be explored.

This 2-year curriculum can become a 4 or 6-year curriculum (as desired)

Father-mother-2 sons-1 daughter laughing on creek bridge

"the richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration"

  • Claude Monet

What People Say About The RWE Experience

Running Wild Explorers is everything that you need to bring the thrill and excitement of Nature Study combined with Survival Skills without the drudgery of having to piece together whatever you can find -- the freedom and fun of sharing your time with your students has never been more convenient and in your hands.

I've been homeschooling for over twenty years and in that time I've seen a lot of curricula come and go. RWE is one that will stand the test of time...RWE is organized and laid out for you to open it up and get going without... research and prep. The discussion prompts are the real treasure...that allow you to tailor it to exactly what your family needs. Whether you have one student or multiple students across a wide age range, whether you're new to homeschooling or have been at it for years... RWE is for you!


20 yrs+

Homeschool Teacher

I love the jokes and the experiments, but mostly I like that I can earn badges for things I already want to learn about. Some of the skills I do with my home school co-op and some I do at home on my own, just because it's FUN!!



Running Wild Explorers has been an amazing investment of time for my family. The organized schedules keep us right on track, and make the outside activities intentional and meaningful!

But honestly, the extra facts and jokes sprinkled in are my kids favorites!  


Ada L.


Homeschool Teacher  

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